Precautions When Purchasing Induction Cooker

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1、listen to the sound: turn on the power, no other noise and current can be heard, except for the sound of normal cooling fan.
2、Test key: test whether all key functions can operate normally one by one, and eliminate products with key failure.
3、Test security① No pot protection:move the cookware under the working condition. Usually cut off the power at two minutes later. Observe the induction cooker whether automatic alarm. Induction cooker should automatic alarm and stop heating. Some induction cooker do not have this function
②Empty pot protection: Generally, when the area of the pot is less than 65%, it cannot be heated normally.③ Improper heating protection: Try to put iron spoon and other small items on the furnace surface and start the machine
4、Test the adaptability of the pot: in the process of electrifying and heating. See if the heating time is normal. Repeat the action of taking and putting the pot several times. Usually after taking the pot and putting it back for 1-3 seconds, the heating will resume. If the recovery time is more than 5 seconds, the adaptability of this machine to the pot is not good.
5、Test temperature control: check whether the electromagnetic furnace has 100 ℃ temperature zone design. See whether the boiling state can be maintained when the water is set at 100 ℃. If the temperature is not designed correctly, it will lead to the hidden danger of burning the machine. Use the matching pot to boil the water. Because many of the internal protection functions are based on the temperature monitoring during the water boiling process, the pot can be moved to the edge for 1 / 4 or 1 / 3 for about 1-2 minutes, and it should be able to continue heating, indicating the heating function of the electromagnetic furnace
①1. The induction cooker can make barbecue. The stone baking tray with heat conduction is required, but the electromagnetic oven with this function must be marked on the product. The stone pot baking of induction cooker is to place the stone non stick baking plate on the induction cooker, and then place the food on the pan for baking. The advantage of this tool is that it is easy to prepare and use, and because the food is not directly in contact with the fire, it is very sanitary.②Cleaning of induction cooker: ceramic plate is very convenient to clean. If it is slight dirt. Use a soft wet rag with a small amount of toothpaste or neutral detergent to wipe when the electromagnetic furnace is in hot state, and use a soft wet rag to wipe. If it’s oil dirt. At this time, burn your hands carefully, and then wipe them with a soft wet cloth until no residue remains. The shell can be cleaned with normal neutral detergent to keep the bottom of the pot clean every time it is used, do not dry burn, and use toothpaste or detergent crystal to wipe if there is discoloration. When shutting down, you need to wait for the fan to stop completely before unplugging the power supply.③Most of the “magnetism” produced by the induction cooker is distributed at the bottom of the pot. The highest intensity of the closed magnetic field produced by the induction furnace is 160 milligauss, which forms the closed magnetic field. When the cooker is “working” on the induction cooker. The signal magnetic field generated when using mobile phone is close to 1600 milligauss, and the magnetic field at the edge of the electromagnetic furnace is 10 times of that at the edge of the furnace surface. It can be seen that the magnetic field generated by the electromagnetic furnace has far less impact on the human body than the mobile phone.④Since the cooker on the electromagnetic stove must be a vessel with “ferromagnetic properties”, including a kettle. That is to say, only those with attractive magnet can be used, otherwise, there will be no heating effect, and even some kind of electromagnetic furnace may be damaged.⑤There is no problem with running water, if it doesn’t flow into the electromagnetic furnace (generally, water will not flow into the machine and will not affect the normal operation of the electromagnetic furnace can be safely used). As long as water vapor or water drops on the surface of the induction cooker⑥The fire will be heated all the time. The temperature is the holding temperature, with only one dry burning protection. That is, when the electromagnetic furnace displays 60 degrees, the electromagnetic furnace will stop heating when it detects that the temperature is 60 degrees. When the temperature is reduced for a period of time, it will reheat to maintain 60 degrees