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Induction cooker panel

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The rice cooker depends on the gall; the induction cooker depends on the board. The most important thing when choosing an induction cooker is the material of the panel.
There are three main types of induction cooker panels: German Schott, Japanese NEG, and domestic ordinary panels that are divided into three levels of A, B, and C by the industry. Domestic A-class, Schott, NEG boards are mainly used by brand-name products. NEG ceramic panel is pure white with smooth surface without sand holes; German Schott’s main material is black Ceylon glass ceramics. Their characteristics are very recognizable, and everyone can pay attention to distinguish them when buying.
The identification of domestic A, B or C induction cooker ceramic top plates is also very simple. The C-level board can be identified at a glance. Most of the flowers, grass, insects and fish printed on the top of the induction cooker are C-level boards. Because of their yellowing and rapid color change, manufacturers often print patterns to cover up the shortcomings. Although the B-level board and the A-level board are both white, it is not difficult to distinguish them: the B-level board is not a one-time firing and needs to be cut, so the edges are rough, observe carefully and experience by hand, and the water immediately falls out; the A-level board is One-shot firing at ultra-high temperature, smooth edges and no cutting marks. In addition, comparing the two top plates together, in terms of smoothness and crystal transparency, the B-level board is much inferior to the A-level board. The back-side color of the B-level board is dark yellow and the front and back sides of the A-level board are the same color.
What are the types of induction cooker panels?
The induction cooker is divided into two types of panels, one is a ceramic panel and the other is a glass-ceramic glass panel. The induction cooker has a clear logo on it.
So how do we identify the induction cooker products emerging from the market?
There are only two types of state-certified induction cookers, one is a ceramic panel, and the other is a glass-ceramic panel.
The microcrystalline panel is transparent, as long as the induction cooker is irradiated to the light source, it can clearly and clearly transmit light. The other ceramic panel is completely opaque. There are only two types of reliable induction cookers, and other than that, don’t try them easily.
Induction cooker problems are difficult to define
When using the induction cooker, do not heat the sealed utensils, as there is a danger of explosion.
Don’t put too heavy pots and things on the stove. In terms of cleaning, do not clean immediately after cooking; wait until the induction cooker cools down. In addition, the induction cooker also has requirements for pots and pans, stainless steel pots and woks can be used, but the bottom of the pot must be flat.
During the use, the sound of the fan and the slight current are normal, but if there is a sharp sound, check whether the operation is wrong or the setting is wrong