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How To Use Induction Cook Safely

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Induction cookers have basically been popularized in various families, but some friends are always worried that the induction cookers at home will have problems. As long as the actual consumers use them in accordance with the regular methods, the induction cookers will generally not cause problems, so how should we be safe? How about using an induction cooker?

1, the electromagnetic stove is the most resistant to water vapor and humidity. It should be kept away from hot air and steam. There is a cooling fan in the stove, so it should be placed in an air circulation place. The air outlet should be more than 10cm away from the wall and other items. Its use humidity is 10- 40 degree.

2. Induction cookers cannot use food containers such as glass, aluminum, and copper to heat food. These non-ferromagnetic substances will not heat up.

3. During use, do not place ferromagnetic objects such as knives, forks, and bottle caps on the stove panel, and do not place watches or audio tapes that are susceptible to magnetic fields on the stove surface or on the body for electromagnetic induction. Stove operation.

4. Don’t let the iron pan or other pots be burned in the air or dry, otherwise the panel of the induction cooker will crack due to excessive heat.

5, after using the electromagnetic cooker, the power potentiometer should be adjusted to the minimum position, and then the power should be turned off, and then the iron pan should be removed. At this time, it should not be touched by hand within the heating range of the panel.

6. When cleaning the induction cooker, it should be completely cooled. A little neutral detergent can be used. Do not use strong detergents. Do not brush the panel with a metal brush. It is not allowed to rinse directly with water.