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How to choose wine cooler?

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With the improvement of life quality, people’s demand for red wine is higher and higher, and the wine cooler t is also increasing the demand. There are many type of wine cooler, so how to choose wine cooler?

  1. The selection of wine cooler is different according to the different collection conditions of each person. If you are a preliminary, small-scale, short-term collection of red wine, choose a small volume constant temperature semiconductor electronic wine cooler. The prominent advantages are small space occupation, convenient moving, suitable for home use or small bar use.
  2. If the room is large or the hotel is used for a long time, it is recommended to choose a wine cooler of constant temperature compressor type, which can be single door or double door with a larger volume. At present, there are intelligent multi-functional wine coolers, with intelligent air supply system, stepless frequency conversion function, negative ion purification system, anti ultraviolet insulation glass doors and windows and other advanced functions.
  3. If it is a winery or an occasion with large private space, it is recommended to select multiple groups of multi-functional wine coolers for wine collection. According to the different collection time and grade of red wine, the red wine will be placed in different positions. Mainly to meet the diversified collection and display forms.
  4. At present, most high-grade intelligent variable-frequency constant temperature wine coolers have stainless steel frame and wood wine frame. The interior decoration of the wine cooler is beech or other wood wine shelves for collecting red wine, which is relatively stable, moisture-proof and shock resistant, and feels warm.
  5. If the wine rack with stainless steel interior decoration is selected, it is relatively durable, firm and reliable, with long service life, curvilinear frame design and beautiful technology, which makes the wine bottle easy to place and relatively fast temperature transmission. Many people like this kind of interior decoration.
  6. If only a short-term collection and display of red wine is needed, it is recommended to choose a relatively simple frame type wine rack, which is placed in different collection frames according to the use requirements. It is convenient and free to take, and there is no binding of cabinet door. The price is relatively cheaper.