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4、Ask: How to maintain a cooker hood?

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Cooker hood components should be cleaned and replaced regularly. The hoods need to be cleaned by a professional cleaning product. The aluminum filter need to be washed

periodically. Consumers who fry their foods more should clean the filter more frequently. After a certain number of usage, the filter may get clogged, and it’s suggested to replace

every three months. A ductless cooker hood can’t reach its ideal function without the clean filter. Most fan motors of the vent hood don’t need any maintenance. But it’s possible that the motor and bearings may get stiff because of the constant heat, humidity, grease, and so on. After long time use, it’s also possible that the blower wheel gets greasy and dirty, which can slow down the fan or cause vibration. To remove the wheel and clean it with a degreaser, after that, if the fan still works slowly or vibrates, you need replace the fan motor by a professional technician.