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1、 Ask: Guidance to operation of cooker Hoods?

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①The installation height of the cooker hood must be appropriate. The cooker hood shall be installed as per the instruction manual. In addition, it shall be installed directly over the cooking range such that head collision may be avoided and the effected of oil fume discharge may be guaranteed.

②To avoid the phenomena such as too high noises or vibration, or oil dripping/leak of cooker hoods, cooker hoods shall be cleaned regularly so as to prevent excessive oil from adhering to the motor, turbine, and the inner surface of the cooker hood.

③Rated power of the light bulb for replacement must not exceed the maximum value indicated aside the lamp stand and in the instruction manual; otherwise, temperature rise of the connecting wires and lamp stand may get too high and lead to earlier aging of insulating layer of the wires, resulting in potential hazard of electric shock, or even a fire.