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Communication meeting of Macau Natives Association

In 12nd Nov, a communication meeting was held in ATLAN by Son Tak Lak Lao Natives Association of Macau and Guangdong Atlan Electronic Appliance Manufacture Co., Ltd. The association organized more than 130 Macau compatriots to visit ATLAN and have a communication.

The Macau compatriots are heart with hometown construction, focus on the development of hometown. During the activity, the Macau compatriots visited our exhibition hall, passionately know about our products and communicated with our staff. And then communication meeting was held in the conference room, our staff introduced the development of company and products, make the Macau compatriots more in-depth understanding of our company.  The Macau compatriots shared their thoughts, expressed the identity of our products and the development of hometown electronic appliances industry, and expressed an expectation of hometown’s development.

This communication is not only a symbol of friendship; most important is to promote the emotional communication between dual countrymen.